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...We're Rocking Hosting All Over The World!

 Guaranteed Power All facilities that we use have multiple power sources, as well as backup Diesel generators that are able to keep everything online in the event of a critical mains power failure.
 NetworkWe only use datacenters that are able to meet our high standards when it comes to network performance. Even our Budget services run on a network that outperforms some so called "Premium" networks out there!
 24/7 Onsite Remote HandsWe obviously can't be everywhere at once, so it's important that we have people available onsite should we need any work performing on our servers. All facilities have remote hands available 24/7.
 SecurityVarious security practices are in place across all datacenters. These include 24/7 onsite security teams, CCTV video surveillance, Key Card Only Access and Photo ID required for any site visitors.
 Fire and Cooling Fully redundant cooling systems are a must in any datacenter. If a server is allowed to overheat, it not only poses a risk to the data on the server but it also increases the risk of a fire breaking out. If the worst case scenario were to happen, fire supression systems are installed and will automatically start up in the event of a fire.

Location Map

Our servers are located in the following locations:

We have footprints in a number of datacenters across the USA and the UK, meaning we can offer you a wide range of services no matter where you are located!

 Who Are We?

D9 Hosting was set up in 2007 by Dan Thompson and Paula Brett.

Both based in the UK, Dan and Paula have been working online as individuals and business partners for a number of years.

 What Do Our Clients Think?

Dan, Paula and the rest of the team always respond very quickly and absolutely nothing is too much trouble...

 Got Any Questions?

We know that choosing the right hosting package can be a daunting task.

So if you'd like to talk to a real person for some informal, friendly advice, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.