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The D9 Website Firewall Protect and Speed Up Your Websites

  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • .net

Features and Benefits Get website protection and performance with a professional team to help.



D9 Hosting have parterned with Sucuri to provide you with a cloud-based Website Application Firewall (WAF) that stops website hacks and attacks. Our rule set is constantly evolving and allows us to achieve industry leading levels of detection and mitigation of evolving threats.

  • Instantly Block Hackers
  • DDoS Mitigation and Prevention
  • Virtual Patching and Hardening
  • Protect Brand Reputation
  • Prevent Zero-Day Exploits
CDN Speed


Our CDN makes your site faster and highly available across the world. Built on our global network of secure data centers, your visitors, customers, and search engines will notice a dramatic improvement.

  • Smart Caching Options
  • Fast HTTP/2 Support
  • Resource Optimization via GZIP Compression
  • Reduced Server Load
  • Works with Other CDNs

About the D9 Hosting Firewall

What is the d9 firewall?

What is the D9 Firewall?

The D9 Firewall is a service that sits infront of your websites and blocks any malicious activity on your websites. As official Sucuri partners we are able to offer this service to you at a cheaper rate when compared to buying directly from Sucuri.

Free Comodo SSL Certificates

Free SSL Certificates

We monitor for security incidents, fix website hacks, and protect your site to keep hackers out. The platform also provides all websites with free Comodo SSL certificates as standard.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Any website owner or business that wants to stop worrying about website security and have it managed on their behalf by trusted and experienced professionals.

Who is it not for?

Who is it not for?

Website owners and server administrators who prefer to develop and implement their own DIY approach to website protection, monitoring, and remediation.

Get the Protection of the D9 Hosting Firewall Today

The Firewall & CDN Includes

Security Research

Industry Leading Research

We extensively research website hacks and build security tools that respond to a constantly evolving world of cyber threats.

Works with any CMS

Built for Your Website

It doesn’t matter how your website was built. Whether it's a Wordpress CMS or built using custom code, your web server and database is safe with us.

Free Set Up

Free Setup

There are no complicated configuration or installation instructions to follow. D9 Hosting will take care of the set up for you, allowing you to sit back and relax!.

Is Your Site Already Hacked or Blacklisted?

Has your website become infected with malware? If so DO NOT PANIC as help is at hand!
D9 Hosting have teamed up with Sucuri; the world's leading malware clean up specialists, to bring you an affordable solution for cleaning up hacked websites. You pay us a one time fee and we liaise with Sucuri on your behalf and have them clean up the website for you. As official Sucuri partners we are able to offer you this service at a cheaper price than if you went to Sucuri directly.

Increased Performance with the D9 CDN

The D9 Firewall runs on a Globally Distributed Anycast Network, built and managed by the Sucuri team. Your site benefits from high availability and redundancy in the event of network failure.

We focus on useful metrics to optimize speed, like total time, not first byte or server response time. Our growing network outperforms competitors and offers all the servers you need to get optimal speed and performance.


The platform is supported by the Sucuri Security Operations Center (SOC), providing 24/7/365 monitoring and response to all attacks.

  • Improve speed with caching and content delivery network (CDN)
  • Mitigate Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks
  • Prevent hacks and vulnerability exploit attempts
  • Protect against the OWASP Top 10 (and more)
  • Stop brute force attempts against your Wordpress login pages
  • Leverage geographic load balancing and reliable uptime

The Platform Requires no installation. You can activate it with a simple DNS change, or the D9 Hosting team can do it for you free of charge.

D9 Hosting Firewall & CDN

The D9 Firewall only offers protection against hacks and attacks. If you have already become a victim of a hack then we would recommend purchasing our Malware Clean Up Service as well as the Firewall Service to protect your websites going forward.

  D9 Firewall & CDN D9 Firewall, CDN & Malware Clean Up
Stop Hackers
DDoS Mitigation
Performance Optimization
Web Application Firewall
Malware Detection
Malware Cleanup
Blacklist Removal
$14.95 /mo Annual Billing Available
$184.95 one time Plus $14.95 /mo firewall fee

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

All services outlined on this page are provided by Sucuri. D9 Hosting are official Sucuri partners which means that you purchase the services via D9 Hosting and we provide you with support for those services but the underlying platform is provided by Sucuri.

You can run an unlimited number of websites on the D9 Hosting firewall and you can purchase an unlimited number of website malware clean ups. The pricing listed on this page is on a per site basis. If you need to protect or clean more than one site you have the option to select multiple quantities during checkout.

Yes! The CDN works in exactly the same way as the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network. The only difference is that Cloudflare is more expensive and doesn't provide the same levels of protection against common website hacks.

Yes! Not only will the firewall and CDN work with your Wordpress website they were actually designed with Wordpress in mind. No other firewall out there offers the same levels of protection against zero day Wordpress hacks and exploits as the D9/Sucuri firewall platform. Not only that, the Firewall also provides the best possible level of protection for users with Magento, Drupal and Joomla websites.

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