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What is mod_security?

What is mod_security?

What is mod_security?

If you’ve reached this page then your website has more than likely triggered a mod_security rule and you’re wondering what the heck it all means. Fear not, it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds!

All of our servers are equipped with a set of application level firewall rules.

These rules are in place to protect websites on the server from common attack vectors that target vulnerabilities in popular content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

The majority of the time these rules do the job they were intended to and protect your website from malicious activity but occasionally they can be triggered by non-malicious, normal activity and you’ll end up with your website throwing up an error message or even locking you out of the server.

If this happens then the D9 support team can whitelist the triggered rule for the website and the issue wont happen again.

Whilst not recommended, you also have the ability to completely disable mod_security for a domain name by logging into cPanel and clicking on the “ModSecurity” icon.

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